Bronco Candle

Bronco Candle

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Scent descriptions are listed below and on the home tab. 

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Soy wax, lead-free cotton wick, natural, and synthetic fragrance oils.

- 8 oz candles in glass jars.

All of our items are hand-poured in small batches -  appearance may vary slightly from photo.

Soy Wax burns clean and is eco-friendly! Burn time average of 40+ hours, approximately 5 hours per ounce. * Do not burn more than 4 hours at a time for safety. 



Backroads - Take a ride with the windows down anytime of the year. With notes of Sage, Lavender, Oakmoss and Amber, this musky scent it sure to bring you back to cruising down a backroad with the windows down. 

Campfire - Sit around the campfire anytime of the year with the Fireside candle. With saffron, amber, smoke, and amber this scent will keep you warm until camping season comes again. 

Cold Start - Just like your first cup of coffee in the morning or turning the key to get that engine running on a cold morning, this scent will wake you up. Our coffee scent is a blend of espresso with notes of burnt sugar and caramel.

Grandpa's Truck - Take a ride in Grandpa's truck surrounded by the smell of worn leather and smoke. With the smell of leather, smoke, light musk, and moss, this scent will bring you to another place. 

Lumberjack - A blend of leather, lavender, musk and tobacco. This scent takes all the good scents of being a lumberjack and leavevs the bad. Bring the musky, woodsy scent indoors. 

Tennessee Whiskey - A mix of orange, honey, musk, and oak cask brings together a perfect barrel of whiskey scent.